• 35,000+

  • 3 Days Event

    30+ Event Categories
  • Location

    Sharda University

Atom Chorus - 2017 join with choir

Chorus is Sharda University's biggest annual Cultural Festival and has established itself as a legacy where everyone looks forward to coming together be it, competing or enjoying. Offering a rich blend of music, Art, dance, theatrics and numerous other fun events, Chorus promises an exuberant garland of cultural diversity, learning and never-ending entertainment.

Continuing with the tradition of providing an academically and culturally stimulating atmosphere, we hope to build on the grand success of the previous Chorus and make this one more magnificent.

Atom Atomos #theIncrediblematter

The theme for this year's chorus is "Atomos", representing atoms, particles that may seem insignificant in size and matter but collectively make up the world and us. These strange pieces of existence differ in certain ways and further interact with complexities that give rise to everything we see and comprehend. Chorus is also a fest that is made up of various elements that collectively make the grand event. The events range from all aspects of culture and sciences but in perfect harmony, are much like how atoms have arranged themselves to build this universe.