Cinelli Surly Cinelli

The Annual Mega Fest

Sharda University, Greater Noida
20-22 February, 2015


About the Event

Once every year, students of Sharda University amalgamate with the students all over the world with around 42+ countries to orchestrate one of the largest and the most glamorous fests of Northern India, called Chorus. This annual mega-cultural festival of Sharda University, celebrated in February every year, is an amalgamation of entertainment, excitement, and potential of the youth of our era. Chorus promises an exuberant cocktail of cultural diversity, social awareness and unending entertainment, by offering a rich blend of music, art, dance, drama, workshops and quizzes.

Over the past six years Chorus has been adorned with scintillating performances by popular singers such as Sonu Nigam, Simon Webb- Blue, UK, Jal- The Band, Hard Kaur, Underground Authority, Gajendra Verma, Jasmine Sandlas and KK. Moreover, the festival had offered stellar performances by giants of entertainment industry such as Rannvijay,Roadies host and VJ on MTV, who hosted the famous reality show on the campus. Some other hallmarks of Chorus have been the guest lecture by Mr. Imtiaz Ali, the Director of the Bollywood movie- Jab We Met and a Inter-college quiz, conducted by renowned TV host Mr. Charu Sharma, for all those who wanted to put their academics to test. Chorus has established itself as one of the most enthralling cultural festivals in India. Continuing with the tradition of providing an academically and culturally stimulating atmosphere, we endeavour to achieve and build on the grand success of Chorus’ 14 which saw a footfall of around 23,000 students from over 238 Colleges and Universities from all over the world.

Theme - Fiction

There are patterns which emerge in one's life, circling and returning anew, an endless variation of a theme. A theme is hence an idea that echoes or pervades in an artful story. We perceive fiction to be something that is invented or untrue, but it is under the mask of fiction that one can tell the truth. Fiction is not imagination. It is what anticipates imagination by giving it the form of reality. This is quite opposite to our own natural tendency which is to anticipate reality by imagining it, or to flee from it by idealizing it.

Our Vision

Team Chorus is zealously determined to execute it's dictum nostrum in providing the young generation of India with a platform to realize and enhance their talents. Though this annual cultural fest. Team Chorus belives to use Fiction to tell the truth. In creating fiction together, we believe you realize it's essence and find something true about yourself.



We look forward to see you in the event!
The world is here, where are you?



Over the past six years Chorus has been adorned scintillating performances by popular Celebrities.



A footfall of around 23,000 students from over 238 Colleges and Universities from all over the world.


Over 22+ Events to be held in our Annual Mega Fest. Click on any event below to view details of the event and Registration Procedure. Go Participate Now.

February 20-22, 2015
Mosaic Bolt
Mosaic Bolts (Group Dance)
Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs. 1000 & On Campus- Rs. 500 Register Now

At Sharda one will find different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams. We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. It's the coordination that is spell-binding. It's the team that performs. A group of bodies with one soul! Some say that battle is the most magnificent competition in which one can indulge! Do you think your college dance team is ready to face-off with some of the best dance groups around? The stage is all set for you to battle upon, come and capture the moment at Chorus 2015 Mosaic Bolts – The Group Dance Event, where the stakes are high and the winner takes it all. No need to wait. Register Now!


The music piece must be adjusted as per the time limit. The organizers will not provide any assistance for the same.
Teams should comprise of minimum 6 to maximum 16 participants.
Participating team should submit their audio tracks to the coordinator at least 4 days prior to the event. Live music is not allowed.
On stage use of any flammable object whether electronic or not or breaking substances or gulal or sprays on stage is not allowed. This will result in disqualification.
Time limit - 10 to 15 minutes on stage (including setup).

Prodigy (Solo Dancing)
Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs. 200 & On Campus- Rs. 100 Register Now

Dance is the universal language of the soul. Do you want to say something? Dance it out on the Chorus 2015 stage. The stage is all set for you to bring out the marvel in you. The stage is all yours to set on fire with the enigma trapped in your ribcage. Tap your feet to the best of rhythms and let the world be spellbound. Dance it out! Register Now!


Technique, Choreography, stage use and Expressions will be the judging criteria for a 120 seconds preliminary round. 30 sec will be given for stage set up.
Participant can register themselves just once. (either solo or duet)
Judgment will be based on Technique, Energy, Stage Covering Choreography, Expressions, Costume and Props.
Participant should submit their audio tracks to the coordinator at least 4 days prior to the event. Live music is not allowed.
On stage use of any flammable object whether electronic or not or any breaking substance on stage is not allowed. This can result in disqualification.
Time limit - 4 to 6 minutes on stage(including setup).
Decision of the judges will be final.

Battle of Bands
Battle of Bands (Band Competition)
Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs. 500 & On Campus- Rs. 300 Register Now

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. Are you a part of your college band? Do you think you can make the crowd sway to YOUR music? Battle of Bands is a competition in which two or more bands compete for the title of "best band". The winner is the one from whom the audience couldn’t stop demanding an ‘encore’. So, what are you waiting for? Register before our slots are taken!


Mail the profile mentioning appropriate details to
Submit two recordings or a YouTube/Sound cloud link of your tracks.
1.b. In elimination round bands will get 20 minutes, empty – to – empty stage. Exceeding the time limit will result in deduction in marks.
2. In the finale, bands will get 25 minutes, empty – to – empty stage. Exceeding the time limit will result in deduction in marks.
3. No covers are allowed. Playing covers will lead to deduction in marks.
4. The bands should not carry any intoxicants such as alcohol, cigarettes etc, possession of which would directly result in the disqualification of the band and a strict action will be taken by the authorities.
5. The band should not use abusive words/language.

Sur Sartaj (Solo Singing)
Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs. 200 & On Campus- Rs. 100 Register Now

As immortal Shakespeare said in his wise words “If music be the food of love, play on”. Because we all know where words fail, music speaks. So live in music than in years. Don’t just be a nightingale who sits in darkness, come out with your sweet sounds and cheer your presence in the world. Just a step away from glory! Here is the perfect opportunity for you to capture the crowd with your vocal abilities! Open your heart out, and let the voice do it for you. Register now!


The participants have to perform any one song of his/her choice. The song must be in Hindi or English.
One acoustic instrument is allowed but judging will be solely done on the basis of vocal performance.
Participants are not allowed to use any kind of pre-recorded music for this round.
Maximum performance time for this round is 4 minutes.
Top 10 participants from this round will qualify for the finals.

No instruments will be provided by us.
Participants have to bring their own instruments.
The selected candidates are allowed to use any kind of pre-recorded music for this round.
Maximum performance time for this round is 5-7 minutes. Instrumental setup timing will be included within given time.

Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs. 200 & On Campus- Rs. 100 Register Now

In Hinduism, especially by Shiva devotees, it is believed that beating of the Damaru by Shiva produced the very first sound (nada). This first sound was made in the void of nothingness. Shiva began his dance of creation to the rhythm of the Damaru. From his dance, the world came into being. Percussion depicts the powers of the rhythm of the heart beat and the power of creation.On this note we invite you to put your heart beats into beats that resonate all around till eternity and enthral us with the beats of your soul. Register Now!


Duration of performance – 05 min max
Time for stage/instruments setting in max 2 min.
Max number of accompanists is two.
Participants must bring their own instruments.
Compositions can be presented in any style of the participant’s choice (Hindustani/Carnatic/Western etc.)
Judgment will be based on the qualities like, taal (rhythm), musicality, composition and general impression.
Rhythm clocks/ Metronomes are not allowed.
No instruments will be provided by the University.
The judges’ decision will be treated as final.

Style Fiesta
Style Fiesta (Fashion Show)
Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs. 1000 & On Campus- No fee Register Now

Fashion fades away, only style remains the same. Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself. Style Fiesta is an amalgamation of both style and fashion. Chorus 2015 celebrates Style Fiesta to give voice to the grace and beauty in you. This platform is a must for upcoming models and designers, as it encourages fashion, style and confidence. Register now!


One entry per college.
It is a team event. A team can have 12- 15 members. (excluding choreographer and coordinator)
Time limit for every team would be 10 minutes (Including setup and the performance both).
Negative marking if participants exceed time limit.
Theme selection is open to the team.
Should carry their tracks in C.D Or Aux OR PENDRIVE
Use of cigarettes, alcohol and any unfair means is strongly prohibited.
Teams will be judged on costumes, theme, walking stance and attitude.
Decision of the judges will be final and binding.

Mr. & Ms. Chrous
Mr and Ms Chorus 2015 (For Campus Students Only)
Registration Charges: Off Campus- NA & On Campus- Rs. 50+200 Register Now

Personality begins where comparison ends but with cut throat competition in CHORUS 2015 for Mister and Miss Chorus, we believe that comparison is never going to end. The walk, the style, the language, the attire and the X FACTOR is what gets you on stage and brings the title. Register and be part of one of the most awaited events of CHORUS 2015.


Time limit for the performance is 5 min.
Performance can be western or traditional or theme based.
Participants will have to introduce themselves after the walk.
Judgement shall be based on the following:
Make up
Style relevance.

February 20-22, 2015
Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs. 250 & On Campus- Rs. 200 Register Now

Before you start, go into flashback and think if you ever wanted to know what HELL is. We bring forth the best of games and hardest of the challenges at Rowdies 2014. And if you think you have the guts to face the hardest game, if you think you possess that smartness to overcome the challenges, then Rowdies is the stage for you. Get down and prove you are the "Rowdy".

Event Rules & Regulations:

Preliminary Screening: Questionnaire relating to personal opinion on certain and specific and general issues.
Round 1 : Group Discussion
Round 2 : Personal Interview
Subsequent rounds will have specific tasks designed to test the mental and physical toughness of the participants, makings sure that only the worthy are deemed as victors.
Refusal of any task or event will directly lead to disqualification

Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt
Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs. 250 & On Campus- Rs. 200 Register Now

Relieve the excitement of the most enthusiastic event of chorus "TREASURE HUNT". A classic blend of clues and creative challenges are designs to get your thinking out of the box and off the wall. Dive deep into the locale, uncover secrets and solve puzzles. With so many challenges ahead, team of 3 must work as a unit from the start. Come in and Hunt the Treasure!

Rules & Regulations:

Team will be consisting of only 3 participants.
If found tampering with any other team’s clues, the team will be disqualified.
All other specifications to be declared on spot

Nukkad Natak
Nukkad Natak
Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs.500 & On Campus- Rs. 300 Register Now

Everything that can be said, can be said clearly. Say it clear through our street play, “NukkadNatak”. The main aim is to convey a social and political message in an entertaining environment, amidst the intimate and effective means of theatre by means of shout, chants, drums and catchy songs. Get ready to be stimulated and informed all at once in the Street Play or what our country calls it, the NukkadNatak. Deliver the nation, a beautiful message. Register Now!

Rules & Regulations:

Teams should comprise of 10-25 participants.
Time limit: 16 minutes incl. wind up.
Languages allowed: English, Hindi, Urdu or amalgam of the three.
No MICROPHONES, MUSIC SYSTEM, SPEAKERS or INSTRUMENTS can be used but team can sing/dance by themselves to create the necessary music or sound.
No assistance will be provide from hosts with respect to props.
Registration for in campus team is 500 and for team from outside the campus is 1000

Clash of Titans
Clash of Titans (Debate)
Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs. 200 & On Campus- Rs. 100 Register Now

Do you think your words can move the house? Do you think you have arguments to make, which will force people to ponder? If you think so, then this is the event and Chorus 2015 is the stage. Head-drilling topics, serious competition and a great learning experience is what we get for you. Register before somebody else makes his point.

Rules & Regulations:

Following are the topics for qualifying round:
1) Nation first or humans first.
2) University fests are for love, peace and harmony and not just for competitions.
3) Coalition governments are stable governments.
4) Newspapers are an outdated phenomenon.
1) The medium in which the participant is allowed to speak will strictly be English, although quotations from other languages can be used. These quotations cannot be more than 30 words long and need to be translated into English.
2) For all the personalities quoted or facts or figures spoken, proper citation need to be provided.
3) Ad-Hominem is strictly prohibited.
4) Internet usage or laptops or mobile phones is allowed, but the speaker is not allowed to carry any written material on to the stage (unless otherwise specified).
5) Participants are requested to carry pen or pencil and A4 size sheets with them.
6) The decision of the moderator will be final and binding.
7) Throughout the debate the participants will be judged on the following basis:
7.1) Coherence in speech.
7.2) Relevance in arguments.
7.3) Strength of arguments.
7.4) Defence of arguments.
7.5) Strength of rebuttals and responses.
7.6) Usage of time.
7.7) Subjectivity and objectivity.
7.8) Logical Consistency.
8) The event will have two rounds. The first one will be qualifying round from which a fixed number of participants qualify for main rounds. In the qualifying round each participant will speak for 4 minutes.
9) In the subsequent round participants face each other in traditional one on one style.
10) The finale will follow traditional one on one followed by question and answer round.
1) Conclusion will not contain any new arguments or rebuttals.
2) All the arguments are to be made in the first speeches. Arguments can only be strengthened in subsequent speeches.
3) Participants can carry arguments penned down on paper. Maximum number of penned down arguments is 3 and each argument can be at most 15 words in length. The paper need to be approved by the moderator before being taken on the stage.
4) Participants can utilize anything to everything which can help them make their point. This includes placards, charts, books and or power point presentations, videos, audios etc. However prior information has to be given about such usage and an approval from the moderator is required. Excessive quoting of such material is not allowed. Books can be read from 3 times at most; 20 words maximum at a time. One placard at most may be used containing 10 words at the most. Charts (2 m sq or less) should contain no explanation of whatever the facts and figures mentioned on it are. Power point presentation can have 5 slides at the most and each slide can have 1 point at the most and each point can be maximum 10 words in length. Videos and Audios can be used (once max) and maximum length allowed is 1 minute for each. All these or any of these is to be used within the time allotted.
5) Proof for every citation made in the speeches needs to be kept available, just in case the opponent asks for it. Failing to provide such a proof can lead to deduction of 5 points and succeeding in producing such a proof can lead to deduction of 5 points of the opponent.

Moot Court
Moot Court
Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs. 200 & On Campus- Rs. 100 Register Now

Candidates will be posed against each other in a tussle with the jargons of law over a case that they would battle over in front of an esteemed panel. The scenario is no different from a real court of law, difference being there will be no losers and the winner will be the one with the strongest arguments. So Suit Up and Register Now !

Team Composition & Eligibility:

The Competition is open for students pursuing three/ five year LL.B. Degree Course from any recognized Law College/University subject to fulfillment of the registration formalities

The Competition shall be conducted in the English language only.

Each team shall consist of three members (two speakers and one researcher). The researcher will be allowed argue instead of a speaker with prior permission.

1. In order to confirm participation, teams of every Institution should register themselves. The registration process consists of the following two Steps:
Step one: Each Team is required to send a scanned copy of their duly filled-in Registration form along with Demand Draft/ NEFT details to 15th February 2015. Subject of the mail should bear “Registration Form for moot court competition. The details for Demand Draft/NEFT transactions are given here:
Name of Account: Sharda University- School of Law
Account no. 912010034705440
IFSC: UTIB0000624
Bank Name & Address: Axis bank Ltd..Alpha Comercial Belt, Gr. Noida
Step two: Registration Form , Travel Form and original Demand Draft should be send to the address of the University and “Registration Form for the moot court should be super scribe on the envelop. The address is as under:
Room no. 405 PGDM Building 3rd floor
Sharda University knowledge park 3
Plot no. 32-34 Greater Noida UP. 201306
2. Registration fee:
Rs. 2000/-(rupees two thousand only) for each participating team consisting of 3 members (with Accommodation and Meals)
Rs.1500/-(Rupees one thousand five hundred only) (without accommodation )
Rs.500/-(Rupees five hundred only) for every additional member accompanying the team
3. Forms received after the deadline 15th February 2015 may not be considered for registration.

1. Teams have to prepare Memorials for both the sides..
2. The teams must send a soft copy on or before 18th February 2015 to
In addition kindly get 5 copies of the memorandum on the day of the competition of both the sides.
3. Format of Memorials
3.1 The memorial shall not exceed 30 typed A4 size pages.
3.2 Colour of the cover page must be Blue in case of Petitioner/Appellant and Red in case of Respondent.
3.3 Body of Memorial shall include:
i. The Cover Page of the memorial must state the Cause Title ii. Table of Contents
iii. List of Abbreviations
iv. Index of Authorities / Table of cases
v. Statement of Jurisdiction
vi. Statement of Facts
vii. Statement of Issues
viii. Summary of Arguments
ix. Arguments advanced/detailed arguments.
x. Prayer
xi. Bibliography
Note: Identity of the Institution should not be revealed anywhere in the memorial as well as in any Annexure. Violation of this provision will result in penalties including disqualification. The Organizer’s decision shall be final in this regard.

3.4 The font of the body of the memorial should be Times New Roman, size 12, line spacing 1.5 & headings should be 14. The font of the footnotes should be Times New Roman, size 10.
3.5 Memorials should be spiral bound.
3.6 Memorials should have one inch margin on all sides of each page.
3.7 3.7 Pages should be numbered at the bottom middle.
3.8 The memorial should not contain any photographs/sketches/exhibits/affidavits etc.
4. All memorials received within time schedule will be evaluated by the Memorial Evaluation Committee (MEC) to be constituted by the Director of the Moot Court Competition and Dean, SOL, IMS Unison University.
5. The evaluation will be done on the following parameters:
a. Knowledge of Facts and Law: 25
b. Extent and Use of research: 25
c. Proper and Articulate Analysis: 20
d. Clarity and Organization: 10
e. Correct Format and Citation: 10
f. Grammar and Style: 10
6. Evaluation done by the MEC shall be final and binding.

1. Draw of lots Each team will be provided with a Team Code on reporting to the venue. After the draw of lots, each team will be assigned a side (appellant/respondent). Fixtures of the teams will be pre-determined based on the team codes.
2. Elimination Round This will be a knock-out round. Each team shall represent only one side as decided during the draw of lots. The winner of each court-room will be decided on the basis of the scores awarded by the judges in this round and the marks awarded by MEC.
Note: The top four teams selected after this round will proceed to the semi-finals.
3. Semi Finals
The top two teams selected after this round will proceed to the final.
4. Final Round
The final round shall take place between the winners of the semi-final round.

1. Each team will get a total of 30 minutes to present its case. This includes the time for rebuttal and sub-rebuttal.
2. The division of time per speaker is left to the discretion of the team.
3. The arguments should be confined to the issues presented in the memorial.
4. The researcher needs to be present with the speakers during all the rounds
5. The researcher is not allowed to pass chits to the speaker during the rounds.
6. Maximum scores for the court rounds will be 100 marks per speaker. The court rounds will be judged on the following parameters:
a. Knowledge of Law : 20
b. Application of Law to Facts : 20
c. Ingenuity and Ability to
Answer Questions : 20
Style, Poise, Courtesy and Demeanor : 20
e. Time Management : 10
f. Organization : 10

VIII. DRESS CODE Inside the Court Room the participants shall be in Formals.
1. Female(s): White Salwar and Kurta /White Shirt, Black Trouser and Black Tie along with Black Blazer and Black Shoes.
2. Male(s): White Shirt and Black Trouser along with Black Tie, Black Blazer and Black Shoes.

Categories of Awards: 1. Winner of the Final Round will be given the “Best Team” award and cash prize of Rs.10,000
2. Runner-up of the Final Round will be given the “1st Runner up” award.
3. Team placed 3rd will be given certificate of “2nd Runner Up”
4. Team with the highest memorial scores will be given the “Best Memorial” award and cash prize of Rs.5000
5. “Best Mooter” award shall be determined on the basis of thetotal marks secured during the court rounds and a cash prize of Rs.8000
6.In addition to the above, certificates will be issued to all the participants.

Accommodation, Food and Transport for participating teams from/to Airport/ Railway Station/ Bus Stand will be provided by the Organizer.

In case of any questions related to problems or clarifications regarding the competition, feel free to contact the following:
Cc to :

Contact: 8860305444(Abhay Bhardwaj)
7532088034(Anand Pratap)
• Date and Venue: 20th-21st February 2015 at School of law PGDM building Sharda Univrsity Greater noida.
• Postal Address: Room no. 405 PGDM Building 3rd floor
Sharda University knowledge park 3
Plot no. 32-34 Greater Noida UP. 201306

Jam - Just A Minute
Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs. 100 & On Campus- Rs. 50 Register Now

60 seconds are not just a minute when you're on stage with the most random of topics. Presenting to you JUST A MINUTE via Chorus 2015. An event of, for and by words. Register before the minutes runs out!

Rules & Regulations:

There will be no short-listing of contestants.
The event will be in English only.

Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs. 200 & On Campus- Rs. 100 Register Now

Growing up with bourn vita’s quiz to know Kaun Banega Crorepati, Chorus 2015 brings to you the quizzing event which will leave you enthralled. Sports, sciences, history and a complete aptitude of anything and everything, this event promises to find the finest of readers across!

Rules & Regulations:

Maximum number of entries from a University is 4.
The first round will be an elimination round.
Top 10 scorers qualify for main rounds.
In case of a tie, tie breaker will be used. The team making a lead of two points will be judged as the winner.
Quiz master has the final say in all matters associated with the quiz

February 20-22, 2015
Click It
Click It
Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs. 200 & On Campus- Rs. 100 Register Now
Gonfle Gaming
Gonfle Gaming
Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs. 200/head & On Campus- Rs. 100/head Register Now

You can participate in these games
Counter Strike 1.6
Need for Speed
Tekken 3
Fifa 10
Rules and Regulations: Click here to view E-Brochure

Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs. 500 & On Campus- Rs. 300 Register Now

Rules and Regulations:

Fee once paid will not be refunded.
The tournament will be played by 6 players and 3 roll in substitutions each side.
The tournament will be played on league cum knock out basis.
Teams should report 20 minutes before the schedule kick off.
A player can represent only one team in the tournament.
Walk over will be given to the opponent team if the team doesn’t report by schedule time.
Referee’s decisions in all the cases shall be final and binding on all the teams and no protest shall be entertained against the same.
Any matter not covered in the above stated rules shall be decided by the organizing committee on its sole discretion and its decision shall be final and binding.

Fine Arts: Rangoli
Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs. 100 & On Campus- Rs. 50 Register Now

If the world was to be described in a word, that would be COLOURS. To decorate the floor with all colours bright and dark, CHORUS 2015 present Rangoli making competition. For all the artistic minds out there, register!

Rules & Regulations:

Unlimited entry from each college / university.
Entry can be Solo or maximum of 2 members for each team.
Time limit 1 hour
Participants can use any type of material e.g.-Rangoli powder, lentils, rice, grain, flower petals etc.
Participants have to get their own rangoli materials.
A specified spot (4 ft x 4 ft) will be allotted to the participant.
Stencils NOT allowed.

Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs. 100 & On Campus- Rs. 50 Register Now

Newspapers, pictures, quotes, graphics, colours, sheets, paints and talent - the perfect blend of all these. CHORUS 2015 brings to you the event “Collage Making” which will be an amalgamation of all that you see every day. Register and let everybody around see what you have to show them.

Rules & Regulations:

Unlimited entry for each College/University
Entry can be solo or maximum of 2 members for each team
Time limit 1 hour
Participants bring their own materials eg. News papers, magazines etc.
Charts are complimentary (only 1 chart sheet per team will be provided)

Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs. 100 & On Campus- Rs. 50 Register Now

We in Chorus 2014 believe that the ones who hold the painting brush in their hands are the most powerful people because they can paint the whole world in one stroke. Register for the painting competition to unravel the little world inside you.

Rules & Regulations:

Unlimited entry for each College/University
Time limit 1 hour
Charts will be complimentary.

Registration Charges: Off Campus- Rs. 100 & On Campus- Rs. 50 Register Now

The Indian version of tattoo – MEHNDI. As beautiful as it looks, is equally tough to make one. Chorus 2015 takes a lead and gets you Mehandi competition because human body is a canvas! Register before time runs out.

Rules & Regulations:

Unlimited entry for each College/University
Time limit 1 hour
Mehandi cone is complimentary.
To be applied on one hand only.


Here is the list of Celebrities who have confirmed they would be part of Chorus 2015 – The Annual Mega Fest at Sharda University.

  • Portfolio Item

    Sunburn Campus

    Sunburn is an electronic dance music Festival. It is considered to be Asia's largest music festival.

    Portfolio Item


    Neha Kakkar the Playback singer behind popular Bollywood tracks such as "Manali Trance", "Sunny Sunny", "Dhating Nach", "London Thumakda"

    Portfolio Item

    Javed Ali

    Javed Ali is an Indian playback singer who has been singing in Hindi movies since 2000.

  • Portfolio Item


    Rannvijay Singh is an Indian television host, film actor and presenter. Best known for hosting the adventure reality TV show, MTV Roadies.

    Portfolio Item

    Shilpa Singh

    Shilpa Singh is an Indian Beauty pageant winner. She was the runner-up at I Am She – Miss Universe India 2012

    Portfolio Item


    Neha Kakkar the Playback singer behind popular Bollywood tracks such as "Manali Trance", "Sunny Sunny", "Dhating Nach", "London Thumakda"


Login Register

General Rules and Regulations:

1. Only Bonafide Students of various colleges/Universities can participate in Chorus.

2. Registration fee is to be paid through:
a. Demand Draft drawn in favour of “Sharda University” payable at “Greater NOIDA” , sent to “Dean Students’ Welfare, Sharda University, Plot No 32, 33, Knowledge Park III, Greater NOIDA. Pin: 201306”
b. Through Cash inside Sharda University Campus in person before 18th of February.

3. Registrations can be done by an Individual Representing official Delegation of a College/University or by an individual for a particular group from a University/College or by an individual for an individual.

4. In case of a delegation from outside Delhi and NCR, we provide accommodations. In such cases 1000 INR is charged per participant. This includes stay and fooding charges and event charges. The first official meal will be the dinner of 19th of February and the last official meal will be the breakfast of 23rd of February.

5. In case of students or teams participating in particular events only, only the event charge may be paid but if the team or individual want to enjoy and attend the rest of the fest, then 1000 INR per student would be charged which would include the event charges.

6. No amount will be refunded after registration

All participants are requested to bring their college ID cards or a bonafide from their institution saying they are students of the declared university while participating in

7. A student registered paying 1000 INR can participate in a maximum of any two events.

8. From an official delegation of a University/College only one entry per event would be allowed.

Please read before you click on Register.

Our Sponsors

Here is the list of Sponsors whom we would like to Thank for their participation at Chorus 2015.


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Greater Noida, UP.- 201306,

Helpline No.

+91- 8800998964